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Hiring a Pet Sitter

Is hiring a pet sitter my only option?

You’re going out of town.  You book your flight, your hotel, your rental car…you’re set!  Then you call your pet-sitter and he is unavailable.  

(Long silent pause.)

What now? 

You don’t have a back up that you trust and your whole family is going on the trip with you, so they aren’t an option.  What do you do? 

Hiring a reliable pet-sitter is always a great option for a family with a pet.  But breathe easy because it’s not your only option.  There are at lot of professionals in the dog world who are willing to help.  And some of them will help in more ways than one! 

Take a look at some alternatives to the family pet-sitter.

Traditional Boarding Facility

In this situation your dog stays at a professionally run boarding facility.  Typically the dog will be fed, exercised and socialized on a daily basis.  Check in your area for reputable boarding facilities and make sure you do your research.  Take a trip to visit the facility and get a tour before booking.

Boarding Facility with a Training Class option

Sometimes you can find a boarding facility in your town that will take your dog off-site to a local dog training gym for group training classes.  Your dog has the option to keep his training skills honed while you are away by practicing with other dogs in a controlled environment.

Board & Train – Your House

With this option your hire a professional trainer who comes to stay in your house and take care of your dog.  At the same time your dog will get daily private training lessons in his own, familiar surroundings!  This is a great way for your dog to work on obedience situations that she struggles with on a day to day basis while in her own environment.  Win-win.

Board & Train – In the Trainers House

This is usually the most expensive option, but can also be the most effective if you are looking to get some great training for your dog while you are away on vacation.  Your dog will go stay at the trainers house and undergo highly focused and effective training sessions while being taken care of.  Come home to a much more relaxed and well-behaved pup!

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You won’t be disappointed…check out what other pups and their families have to say!


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