We want you to live in harmony with your dog and are here to help you do what it takes to make your house a happy home.  Sonoran Dog Care provides families solutions for living with a canine companion.  We create customized one-on-one dog training, personalized playdates, daily walks and more.  We take the care to find your need and match it with a solution that works for your family!

Sonoran Dog Care uses positive reinforcement, non-force training techniques to help your dog learn obedience and appropriate behaviors.  Our professional trainers will teach you and your dog to work as a team for maximum results and great training!

Starting with a professional behavior and temperament testing, we will set up a playdate with other lovable dogs like yours.  Each playdate is supervised by a professional trainer.

Group classes are a great way to reinforce your dog's training in an open environment while socializing with other pups.  They are also a great way to meet new like-minded people like you!  Adding distractions will really test your dog's new skills and get them ready for real world situations.

Dogs get bored like us.  Our stimulating walks keep your kiddos happy and relaxed while they wait for you to come home.  They can't check FaceBook or binge on Netflix to pass the time, so let us give them some activities to do during the day.  We can be there for them when you can't!


Private Professional Dog Training Sessions

Sonoran Dog Care utilizes only positive, non-force training techniques to achieve the behavior we want in your dog.  We don't just teach your dog what not to do, we teach them what to do instead. We use our experience and build on it with the latest findings in behavioral science.

Customized Playdates Suited Just For Your Dog

We test all dogs involved in our playdates to ensure that your dog has a positive experience and wants to come back!

Personalized Dog Walking Programs

We tailor a professional walking program to fit your schedule.  Your dog will get the exercise he/she needs and you won't have to worry about it!

A Variety of Group Dog Training Classes

We utilize a professional training facility and keep your dog safe at all times while learning valuable obedience skills.

Day Visits To Allow You To Live Your Own Life

We come into your home and take care of your dog so you have the freedom to take care of yourself!

Professional Referral Services

If you have a need we can't meet, we can tap into our local resources and get you the perfect solution.

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