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At Sonoran Dog Care, we can help fix problem dog behaviors that disrupt the harmony of your family.  Our professional dog trainers work with you and your dog to create boundaries and expectations that lead to a happy dog.  I use only positive reinforcement, no-force training techniques building on the latest in behavioral science methods and I teach your dog not only what not to do, but what to do instead.  We give your dog a job and then reward them for a job well-done.



Our professional trainers teach your dog basic obedience skills including:

  • Potty Training
  • Staying off furniture
  • Loose-leash walking (not pulling on the leash)
  • Keeping paws on the ground (not jumping up)
  • Sit, stay, come, heel
  • Barking
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Swim Lessons

We also work on more specific skills such as:

  • Destructive behavior
  • Reacting to strangers and other dogs
  • Not jumping on your guests

A well-trained dog makes for a happier family.  Our professional dog trainers can teach you and your dog to work as a team to keep your home happy! 



dog playdates, sonoran dog careGreat way to beat the summer heat!  What do you think your dog does at home alone while you are away or at work?  Is he bored?  Does she wish she had friends to play with? Sonoran Dog Care knows that dogs love to play with other dogs.  Stemming from the desires of our clients, who knew their dogs wanted more than to just be sitting at home, we set up a professional play date program.  We give your dog friends to play with, games to learn from and dates to look forward to!



Here's how our play date program works:

  • We start with a behavioral assessment and temperament test of all dogs involved.
  • Next, we match your dog with dogs that are similar so they have ready-made friends!
  • Then we create fun things for your dogs to do together in a controlled setting, so as not to teach them bad behaviors.
  • All of our play dates are supervised by a professional trainer at all times.
  • Play dates take place in an controlled, enclosed setting.

Let us play with your dog while you are at work!  Then you can come home to a happier, more rested dog.



Group classes are a fun way of letting your dogs learn obedience skills while socializing and having fun!  Our classes are designed around positive reinforcement training methods while at the same time teaching your dog how to behave properly.  They are focused around fun and learning at the same time. 

Group classes get results fast as your dog is forced to learn in a social environment amidst normal distractions of other people and dogs.

Ask us about our group class offerings so we can find one that fits your dog!



Believe it or not, not all dogs know how to swim.  Swimming is great exercise for a dog and can help keep them cool in the hot summer months in Arizona.  Teaching your dog to swim can also be a life-saving!  If your dog accidentally falls into a pool, knowing where and how to get out can save their life.

Sonoran Dog Care will come to your house and safely teach your dog how to swim.