Real Feedback from Real Pet Owners

New Fur family Member

Keith helped us welcome a new 16 month old mini doodle to our home. We have older dog with bad legs, so Keith helped us manage no playing with older dog. Along the process the two dogs have a great bond. I would recommend Keith to anyone. We are thankful for all Keith’s help.

Amie Carstensen
October 28, 2020

We Have Confidence in Sonoran Dog Care!

We found Keith and Sonoran Dog Care to help us train and bond with our new shelter rescue pet, Koda. Within the first few weeks, Koda had basic obedience mastered, was walking well on the leash, and was always extremely excited to see Keith when he arrived for our lessons. He’s been able to help Koda’s confidence grow in a family setting and around other dogs, and have some great tricks to show friends and family. As owners, we’ve learned our own tricks from Keith – from being able to handle situations when they arise and having a better understanding of our dogs’ behaviors and body language. We love that the lessons aren’t always the same and can be customized to fit what’s best for your dog! Koda has become such a happy and fun dog, and we look forward to continuing to work with Sonoran Dog Care!

Rachael Slosky
October 9, 2020

Helpful in so many ways

We didn’t know to our full extent of what we were getting in to with bringing a puppy in to our house. Watched a lot of YouTube videos to learn as much as I could. But we quickly realized we needed help. Through a recommendation we found Keith! He has been so helpful with understanding the needs of our puppy. Giving us realistic goals and plans to move forward with our puppy. Also giving us the big picture perspective with our puppy. Now our puppy is 6 months old and behaving so much better. I can tell that Keith genuinely cares about my puppy. I would highly recommend Keith!

September 9, 2020

Keith is an amazing trainer

Keith’s love for dogs is obvious in all his interactions with my pups. He has done training and walking for my dogs and they are much better due to his training. He has them in a variety of activities so they are never bored and experience different scenarios. Because of this they are confident and able to adapt to varied situations. He is always willing to help out when needed. I foster dogs and Keith has worked with my fosters and is able to assess what they need to help them assimilate into the world. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants happier, better trained pups.

July 26, 2020

Excellent help for our puppy during the pandemic

We were fortunate to have found Keith and Sonoran Dog Care to help us train and socialize our puppy during this pandemic. Keith established a bond with our puppy right away and she loved when he could come to the house for training sessions. He was careful and wore a mask, when appropriate, which made all of us feel comfortable. Not only was Keith excellent at training us to train our feisty puppy, he continues to be a wealth of resources and information. He is easily accessible and happy to answer questions at any time. We look forward to working more with Keith and Sonoran Dog Care.

Moni and Dan McCoy
July 20, 2020

Dog training for you and your dogs!

Keith is the best dog trainer I’ve worked with. He didn’t just train my dogs, but he trained me so that I could continue their training after our sessions ended. That makes such a difference! He’s also always there when I have questions or need some extra help as issues come up. I’ve had five Golden Retrievers over the years, and he has helped me train the last two. One is a therapy dog now and the other one is working toward that. With Charlie, he helped her overcome some fears, improve on her previous training, and get ready to share our house and her things with our new puppy, Beau. Then he helped me train Beau into the most incredible dog I’ve ever had! Now we get together for playdates whenever we can to reinforce good behavior and just let the dogs socialize and play. He and his dogs are forever friends!

May 4, 2020

Crazy pack of dogs!

I’ve been rescuing dogs for about 15 years now and have worked with Keith on several behavior issues with dogs looking for their forever homes, as well as my own. I have 7 dogs – small, big, hounds, and pitbulls. He has been great in helping me with all my Kids!! We swim play and follow commands and can go Unleashed with no Behavior issues. There is no pecking order in my pack and they are harmonious!!! I also worked with him helping dogs find their forever homes and placement issues for abandoned/stray pups. Very knowledgeable and great with the dogs. He will even walk your dogs for you! I have Always reached out to him and gotten a quick response and ALOT of help! Can’t thank you enough!!!

Sara Galasky
May 4, 2020

Wow just blown away with

Wow just blown away with how my dog is doing there is still work to do but we have made some much progress in a short time. Keith is awesome and friendly and really knows his stuff. Do what he says and you will see your results.

Carson Kemp
May 4, 2020

Help in a Hurry

I had noticed increased aggression in my small terrier and his sister and we were embarking on a cross country road trip. I had visions of my dogs tangling with everyone else’s dog or barking at every little noise. We only had a few weeks to learn some techniques that could get us out of an ugly encounter. Keith came through, making time wherever he could. We ran short on time before leaving, and they are nowhere near where they should be, but we know how to diffuse a difficult situation. I am hoping to build on this when we get back home. I think what I liked best is Keith became such a good friend to the dogs, that they would cry when he walked out the front door! He won all of us over.

Jo Kennedy
July 27, 2018

Our extended family

Keith took care of our dogs for 9 months. He came to walk them, play with them and at times brought his dog for play dates. He visited them daily and when we were away, came twice a day. His visits were not timed in minutes but rather in love and companionship. He always sent us pictures and information about our dogs as well as advise on training and safety. We felt Keith was a member of our extended family and both our dogs love him dearly. If your dogs are family, look no further, as Keith and Sonoran Dog Care will deliver on all their promises.

Patricia Rocha
July 8, 2018

Best Friends

We are so grateful to Keith for introducing my puppy Ozzy to Henry. Ever since the day they met they have been best friends. Ozzy has so much fun on his play dates and loves going on walks with Keith. Keith is our dog whisperer and helps us with our hyper puppy. Thank you Keith!

June 20, 2018

Thank You!!!

I can’t thank Keith enough for helping us assess and train our German Shepherd, Odie. Before calling him, we were having a lot of trouble walking him (92-pound dog!) and playing with him off the leash. Keith taught us little ways to assert control and get Odie’s undivided attention without having to completely start from the beginning. Keith is incredibly patient and never looks at a clock to end the session. He’s always pushing the dogs as far as they want to go for the day.

We also had the opportunity to have a play date recently with Keith, his wife and their golden retriever, Henry. It has been great getting to know him personally and I look forward to him training our new lab puppy, Wally!

Thanks again, Keith!

Cody & Nathaly D.
June 20, 2018

Guiding a first-time dog owner

As first-time dog owners, Keith helped us learn & understand basic dog training/obedience. He was pivotal in helping our children know how to handle the puppy. Keith used examples to explain how the dog was interpreting them. Keith patiently and clearly communicated with the kids and gave us all the tools to train our dog into the joyful companion that she is now.
Thank you, Keith!

June 20, 2018

Totally worth it!

My Chow Chow Yogi out of nowhere started chewing and eating my socks then destroying my children’s toys. It got to a point we had to leave him in his crate whenever we weren’t watching him and then he would cry. It drove us nuts. Keith taught us a “leave it” command and after a few weeks of practicing Yogi stopped destroying our things. Who knew it could be so easy.

sonoran dog care, keith geissenberger
June 18, 2018

I can’t believe that’s my dog

I called Sonoran dog care because my 180 pound Neapolitan mastiff started pulling me and barking at other dogs. Keith came over and showed me how to walk him properly and we were able to condition him to know longer bark and have pleasant greetings with other dogs. Now he has playmates and I feel like I have a new dog. Thanks Keith

sonoran dog care, keith geissenberger
June 14, 2018