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Getting a New Puppy?

Are you getting a new puppy?    Or maybe you just rescued an older dog from a shelter situation.  Kudos to you!  Are you ready for this?  Is your home and family prepared for what happens once the “dogey-moon phase” is over.  Once your new puppy settles in and gets Read more…

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Dog Swim Lessons

Are dog swim lessons necessary? It’s that time of year again…swim season! Most dogs can instinctively figure out how to swim, but do they know how to safely get out if they accidentally fall in?  More dogs die each year from accidental drownings than do children.  It’s devastating to a Read more…

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Hiring a Pet Sitter

Is hiring a pet sitter my only option? You’re going out of town.  You book your flight, your hotel, your rental car…you’re set!  Then you call your pet-sitter and he is unavailable.   (Long silent pause.) What now?  You don’t have a back up that you trust and your whole family Read more…

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Not all dogs are friendly

Can you tell if the dog you are approaching is friendly? Would it help if you could read their body language? We’ve all seen it.   An unsuspecting child walks up to a dog with a smile as big as his face can handle.  The joy on his face is quickly Read more…

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Dog Walking – How important is it?

THE IMPORTANCE OF DOG WALKING Dogs are creatures on the move. They are hunters, they are chasers, they are mission-accomplishers! They are not couch potatoes. Sure, they can learn to be couch potatoes, but it is not in their nature. Before dogs were domesticated, they had the free world to Read more…

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Service Dogs & Sonoran Dog Care

Our very own Keith Geissenberger recently participated in a TV spot with AZ Dog Sports for his Service Dog work.  Watch as Keith is interviewed for his work with Service Dogs.  There’s some good footage of Henry at work too!!  

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Entertaining With a Dog in the House

Do you fear the worst and therefore just avoid entertaining friends? Look familiar? The holidays are coming up.  Are you anxious about having company because of your dog’s disobedience? You are not alone…. Every holiday season people avoid entertaining because they don’t know what to do with their unruly dog.  Read more…