About Sonoran Dog Care

What we do

Personalized dog training, Play dates, and Customizable Group Dog Training

Sonoran Dog Care is truly passion turned reality.

Keith wanted to take his knowledge of dog training, expand on that and start helping others have a happy existence with their canine companions.  From sheer perseverance and love for his own dogs, Keith formally educated himself becoming a professional dog trainer and took this knowledge to homes all over the valley. 

Today, Sonoran Dog Care works with families from all walks of life and teaches them to be a team member with their dog.  The dog is obedient and happy and so is the family...Win - Win!

At Sonoran Dog Care, your dog becomes part of our family and we treat them as such. 

We work with you to determine your needs.  Then set up the following according to those needs:

  • Professional Dog Training Sessions
  • Supervised, Controlled Play Dates with other dogs
  • Group Classes suited to fit your needs

Who we are

Keith Geissenberger

keith geissenberger, sonoran dog care, dog training scottsdaleKeith Geissenberger; Owner, Head Trainer and "Big Dog in Charge" of Sonoran Dog Care lives with two amazing Golden Retrievers of his own...and one funny cat named Bebe.  (Yes, cats and dogs can live together.)  When not living out his dream of being a dog trainer, Keith enjoys mountain biking, cooking, movies, doing canine agility & rally sports, and spending time with family and of course his dogs!

Keith has been training and caring for dogs for over 20 years now.  After a great career as a chef, he decided to open his own company and devote himself to helping families with all of their dog needs.  He started by enrolling in AZ Dog Smart Academy at AZ Dog Sports.   Here he was allowed to further his education and earn a certification with an emphasis on behavioral conditioning and positive reinforcement training. 

Keith is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Training (APDT), certified in CPR and canine first aid.  He spends most of his free time attending seminars on the latest research and techniques so he can better serve his clients needs.

As is the philosophy with Sonoran Dog Care, Keith feels that there is nothing greater than knowing he helps dogs help others.  That is why he also helps train service dogs for people with medical conditions such as diabetes, mobile assistance needs and PTSD.  Keith loves knowing that these dogs can save people's lives and allow them to be more independent and more confident in their ability to get out and be part of life.