dog swim lessons, dog care phoenix, dog care scottsdale, sonoran dog careAre dog swim lessons necessary?

It’s that time of year again…swim season!

Most dogs can instinctively figure out how to swim, but do they know how to safely get out if they accidentally fall in? 

More dogs die each year from accidental drownings than do children. 

It’s devastating to a family to come home and find their beloved pet has fallen in the pool or small watering hole, and couldn’t get out. 

If your dog accidentally falls in, he or she needs to know how to find the steps in order to get out.  They need to use visual cues and other techniques to safely get to the side and climb out.

Asking if your dog would know how to get out is a life or death kind of question.  Good training and preventative measures can make sure that it’s never a situation you have to come home to.

Let Keith at Sonoran Dog Care teach you how to introduce your dog to the water and then teach them how to successfully swim to safety.

Call us to sign up for swim lessons today!  We will come to your house, your pool, your dog’s surroundings and train them there.  We can help save your dogs life!


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